Pet Vet 3D - Wild Animal Hospital

Pet Vet 3D - Wild Animal Hospital 2.90

In Pet Vet 3D Animal Hospital, you'll get to take care of fuzzy bunnies, etc.
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This is a very entertaining game where you will work at your own Veterinarian Hospital, taking care of different animals with different illnesses.
The main objective of this game is to check each type of animal and find its illness and problem to solve it and save it. The great thing about this game is that you will learn about animals like dolphins, turtles, sharks, seals, bears, Koalas, kangaroos, wombats, among others.
This game allows you to start a game, to set options like music, sound and full screen or you can exit the game. In this game you must take care of your health, you must eat and sleep to get energy. Each time that your customer doesn't find a problem with an animal, try to rest or to eat and fill your energy, any time, even at night some animal can have a problem.
In this game game you will need to choose a medical instrument to help you find the animal's illness or problem. You will have make tests and get information of each analyses that you made, so you will make a description of the problem. Take care to not make a mistake on your prescriptions or people wont return to your place.
Each level increase the number of animals and the difficulty.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Good fun game


  • Moves slow down the game
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